First off, I’d like to point out that coming up with what to write for the first entry in a blog is harder than it seems. If you do a Google search, you’ll find loads of articles about what to write on your first blog post. Who knew that it was so nerve-racking?

I’m a fairly new gamer and played my first tabletop role-playing game in the fall of 2008 with the Wittenberg University Role-playing Guild. It was a Dungeons & Dragons 4e scenario and I was pleased as punch with Paelias, my Level 1 Eladrin Warlord. I quickly discovered how much I enjoyed role-playing games and it wasn’t long before I took up the GM’s hat. Since then, I’ve played and GMed a number of systems. I have a lot of favorites now, mostly “cinematic” systems, but there are a lot that I enjoy running and playing.

Because I started gaming and GMing fairly recently, I don’t think that I’m anywhere close to being an expert. However, I don’t feel like I’m a newbie any more either. I’m somewhere in between. Fortunately, there’s a word for that: journeyman.

Webster defines journeyman as “a worker who has learned a trade…” and “an experienced, reliable worker, athlete or performer…” Usually they are distinguished as being experienced, but not a master in their work, which is right where I feel I am now: a Journeyman GM. Or if you prefer, you can think of me as a time-traveller, as in the Journeyman TV series or The Journeyman Project computer games (huge gold star to you if you played them!).

I plan to mostly write about GMing in role-playing games and my thoughts and experiences about it, as well as being on the player’s side (because that’s important to becoming a better GM too). Sometimes I may write about the role-playing game hobby in general or give reviews of certain products. I may even write something completely unrelated just because I feel like it (hey, it’s my blog after all).

I’ve learned a lot from other RPG blogs that I’ve read and I hope that in sharing my experience through my own blog, I’ll be able to help others in the same way. And I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot myself too. As Seneca put it, docendo discimus (we learn by teaching).

So all that said: here’s to the start of an interesting, educating, and amusing blog devoted to tabletop role-playing games!