While reading another gaming blog, I came across the Gamemaster Manifesto on Reddit. It’s a series of 14 points that a certain GM promises in his game. I’ve decided to create a similar list with the things that I promise in a game I GM:

  1. I pledge to create a game that is fun for both myself and all players at the table.
  2. I pledge to provide an immersive setting, created either by myself or by other imaginative people.
  3. I pledge to allow you to help personalize the setting for the group.
  4. I pledge to have an end in mind when starting any campaign so that it will be an engaging story with a suitable beginning, middle, and end.
  5. I pledge to use a gaming system that allows for your character to be awesome.
  6. I pledge to follow the rules of the gaming system so that you know exactly what you are able to do. I reserve the right to modify or eliminate any rules found in the system (possibly by request) and will notify you ahead of time of these changes.
  7. I pledge to help you understand the rules and will happily make suggestions about tactics, character options, and other elements of the system that you may not be familiar with.
  8. I pledge that I will respond to ideas with “yes,” “yes, but…,” or “no, but…” rather than a flat “no.”
  9. I pledge to allow you to create the character that you want to play, so long as it fits with the setting and contributes to the fun of all players at the table.
  10. I pledge to give you a challenge and odds to overcome. Victory will often be difficult and require both planning and luck, but it will never be utterly impossible.
  11. I pledge to avoid content that makes anyone feel uncomfortable to be playing the game. I will ask a player to change their behavior or leave if they are encouraging content that makes other players feel uncomfortable to be playing the game.
  12. I pledge to provide open and thoughtful conversation to address any issues that you may have about the game.

This list may not be exhaustive, but it should make it clear the sort of game I want to run. I think it all boils down to the first pledge:

I pledge to create a game that is fun for both myself and all players at the table.

I also promise never to have a game as ridiculous as this one.