Announcements: The Wild Card Creator Kickstarter ended with a bang! Thanks to everyone who backed it!

You may have noticed that there was no blog post last week. That’s because the Kickstarter ended and I was swamped with stuff for Journeyman Games. Now that I am devoting more time to the company, this blog may have occasional interruptions in it. I still plan on blogging weekly, but there may be delays in posts if I am very busy with the company.

I’m pleased to say that I’m finally getting a group together! And I know what I’m running: Deadlands: The Last Sons!

The Last Sons is the most recent plot point campaign from Pinnacle Entertainment Group for their awesome Deadlands setting. You can read a full review about it here. This campaign is set in the central United States (or what we call the United States, since it crosses four nations in the Weird West) and is centered around Raven, the man who started the Reckoning and made everything terrible happen. They don’t call him the Servitor of War for nothing!

One thing I especially like about this campaign is that it’s centered around the Native Americans, who tend to get set to the side in the Deadlands universe. I can see why; they generally don’t throw playing cards, invent weird gadgets, or do kung-fu. But I think that’s what’s so appealing about them. Many westerns are Cowboys & Indians stories and so doing a story that features those two groups harkens back to the heart of what a western is. I think it’s good to be reminded that we don’t need all that fancy stuff to tell a good story about the frontier.

As I’m doing an AmeriCorps service year until August, I’m naturally going to have to limit the campaign to one year. This may be a bit of a problem and I’ll have to cut out a lot of fantastic material. But I think that overall, I’ll have it work out just fine.