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Stargate: A Savage Worlds Conversion


Over two years ago, I created my first Savage Worlds conversion for one of my favorite settings of all time: Stargate. I’ve learned a lot since then, especially with my Elder Scrolls conversion, and have been wanting to redo it for a long time. Then out of the blue, a fan posted to a topic I made about it and asked if I had done anything more with this. Flattered that people were actually using it, I decided it was high time that I actually got around to working on it!

This conversion contains everything you’ll need for Stargate SG-1Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe. Including:

  • Three new races: Jaffa, Tok’ra, and Wraith
  • Additional benefits for humans from a variety of worlds
  • Simple rules for dealing with alien technology
  • Four new Edges
  • Complete gear listings for the Tau’ri, Jaffa, Go’auld, Ori, and Wraith

The current version is Stargate for Savage Worlds v0.6 (400 KB PDF). I greatly encourage feedback, so put any suggestions you have below in the comments or contact me!

As a Traveller fan, I’ll also give a shout-out to the excellent Stargate RPG for Traveller conversion that was made by the Pinnacle forum user “stouty.” It’s great to see Stargate living on in this way!

Oh, and if you’d like to see a fun writeup of a one-shot adventure told by SG-1 themselves, click here!


Version 0.6 (17 July 2012)

New Features

  • Brought back revised versions of the Ori and Wraith Armor, which I forgot to add in version 0.5

Gameplay Changes

  • Modified the requirements of Mr. Fix-it to bring them closer to the level of stringency as the version in Savage Worlds Deluxe
  • Increased number of shots for a P90 to 50 to match the real world P90
  • Increased C4 damage to 5d8 when two or more are used together
  • Changed the Jaffa Staff Weapon from AP4 to AP3
  • Removed the “Heavy Weapon” keyword from the Jaffa Staff Weapon
  • Removed the Minimum Strength requirement for the Ori Staff Weapon
  • Changed the Ori Staff Weapon to have the same weapon notes as the ranged Jaffa Staff weapon

Textual Changes

  • Renamed “Goa’uld Cannon” to “De-mounted Glider Cannon” (this is the one that Teal’c used in 48 hours)
  • Renamed Jaffa “Chain Shirt” to “Hauberk”
  • Removed “Jaffa” from all armor names and replaced with the armor type

Version 0.5 (11 July 2012)

  • Brought the conversion up to the same level of quality as my Elder Scrolls conversion
  • Rebalanced the races using the Race Creation rules from Savage Worlds Deluxe and the suggestions from the Pinnacle forums (all races are +4 races)
  • Redid the +2 advantages for different groups of humans and made them a bit more practical (for instance, there is now an “SGC Soldier” set of +2 benefits)
  • Redid several of the weapons (the ammo for things like staff weapons were actually a holdover from the official Stargate SG-1 RPG)
  • Brought the conversion in line with Savage Worlds Deluxe
  • Used the Skill Specialization house rule for dealing with alien technology
  • Added three new Edges

Version 0.1 (06 May 2010)

  • Initial release.

Planned Content

This is still a work in progress and in the future I plan to add the following:

  • Vehicle stats for F-302s, Deathgliders, Alkesh, Tel’tak, Puddlejumpers, Wraith Darts, Destiny Shuttles, and Drones.
  • Rules for capital ships including Prometheus, Daedalus-class ships, Orion-class ships, Ha’tak, Ori Motherships, Wraith Cruisers, Wraith Hive Ships, and Destiny.
  • Character sheets for the main characters of every show
  • Enemies

The Elder Scrolls: A Savage Worlds Conversion


The Elder Scrolls: A Savage Worlds Conversion

I’m very pleased to announce the completion of several months labor: The Elder Scrolls: A Savage Worlds Conversion. This is a massive, 50-page 74 page conversion to bring the world of The Elder Scrolls video games into Savage Worlds.

Why Savage Worlds? Although it is mechanically quite different from The Elder Scrolls video games, I think it does a great job of telling the fantastic stories of heroes who make a difference in the land. My goal is to not replicate the feel of the games, but the feel of the world and what it would be like to have adventures there. I’ve taken elements from all the games, Arena through Skyrim, and created this awesome conversion.

This conversion includes everything you could ever want in an Elder Scrolls conversion:

  • All ten races
  • All thirteen birthsigns
  • A revised magic system that replicates the feel of magic in the video games
  • At least one Racial Edge for each race (including one that allows Nords to do dragon shouts)
  • Sinning tables for all of the Nine Divines
  • Rules for having gear made of a variety of materials
  • Several new Professional Edges
  • A bestiary with everything from Mudcrabs to Dremora Lords
  • Over thirty artifacts
  • Vampirism and lycanthropy


The current version is The Elder Scrolls for Savage Worlds v1.2 (750 KB PDF). I greatly encourage feedback, so put any suggestions you have below in the comments or contact me!

This work is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 and the Savage Worlds fan license. The Elder Scrolls and all related trademarks are the property of Bethesda Softworks. I seek no profit and it is my intention that rather than inhibiting sales, the creation of this product will encourage sales of both Savage Worlds and The Elder Scrolls products.

Character Sheets

Here are some character sheets that have been made for this setting:


Version 1.2 (5 September 2012)

New Features

  • Created the Savant Professional Edge, allowing well-educated characters to receive +2 to Common Knowledge rolls
  • Created the Moth Priest Professional Edge, allowing for a character to learn Elder Scrolls prophecy
  • New artifacts: Auriel’s Bow, Auriel’s Shield, Blade of Woe, Chrysamere, Daedric Crescent, Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, Scourge, Spear of Bitter Mercy, and Warlock’s Ring. All of the “classic” artifacts from Arena and Daggerfall are now included as well as just about all of the ones appearing in two or more of the later games.
  • Added a Racial Edge for Imperials, Luck of the Emperor, which lets Imperials spend a benny to add +1d6 to their trait roll once per day
  • Dai-katanas, darts, and throwing stars have been added to the weapons section
  • Created a table with the prices for every spell in Savage Worlds Deluxe as a spell tome, potion/scroll, and enchantment (with the formulae in Appendix B).
  • Added gear listings for beverages, transportation, and moon sugar/skooma
  • Added Falmer, Dwarven Automata, Mazken, and Rats to the Bestiary
  • Added descriptions for Dragons, Ghosts, Goblins, Liches, Minotaurs, Skeletons, Trolls, Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies with instructions to look at their stats in Savage Worlds Deluxe
  • Created Appendix A containing information for using the Fantasy Companion with The Elder Scrolls.

Gameplay Changes

  • Characters no longer receive any free powers, but start with 10 Magicka
  • The All Thumbs Hindrance is now forbidden
  • Khajiit now receive +2 to Streetwise checks to find moon sugar or skooma (this is being counted as a +0 racial ability because it has such as specific use)
  • The Breton “Excessive Eccentricity” has been changed. They now pick any two of several Minor Hindrances
  • Sinning Tables for Dibella, Kynareth, and Mara have been adjusted
  • The requirements for Wizard and Soul Drain were changed to remove references to the Spellcasting skill
  • Adept, Champion, and Holy Warrior now require the Mysticism skill instead of Restoration
  • The Arcane Resistance Edge can now be taken by characters
  • Potent Adrenaline Rush Edge had is rank requirement reduced to Seasoned (was Veteran)
  • Strong Dragonskin now only requires Vigor d6+ (was Vigor d8+) and provides only +1 Armor, but it can stack with other armor.
  • Way of the Voice now allows any power to be taken and the penalties for rolling a 1 are reduced.
  • The Serpent Birthsign is simplified to just require a Touch Attack
  • The Shadow Birthsign now just provides the invisibility power; no separate pool for its use.
  • The Lord Birthsign has been changed to allow those born under it to spend a Benny to automatically heal one wound
  • Enchanting is simpler: enchanted artifacts get a pool of Magicka equal to 5 times the power needed to cast the spell.
  • Changed the range of Jump to Touch and reduced the Magicka required to 2
  • Divine Intervention is now its own power (was previously a modifier for Teleport)
  • Water Walking is now a function of Environmental Protection instead of Elemental Manipulation
  • All Vampires now gain a bite attack dealing Str+d4 damage
  • Sunlight is drastically more lethal to vampires, resulting in a Fatigue level every hour, minute, three rounds, and round of exposure for the first through fourth days respectively.
  • The positive benefits of Vampirism after the fourth day without feeding have been changed to gaining the Undead monstrous ability and temporarily gaining the invisibility power that only works at night.
  • Clanfear have Agility d8 (was d6)
  • Daedroth have Agility d6 and Smarts d4(A) (was Agility d8 and Smarts d8(A))
  • Dremora have Smarts d10 (was d8)
  • Dremora Lords have Smarts d12 (was d10)
  • Dreugh have Intimidation d6 (was d4) and no longer have animal intelligence
  • Frost Atronachs have Strength d6 (was d4) and a Frostbolt ability to match the Flame Atronach’s Firebolt ability.
  • Golden Saints have Intimidate d6 (was untrained)
  • Hunger’s “Devour Metal” special ability now uses the Breaking Things rule in Savage Worlds Deluxe.
  • Scamps no longer have Shooting d4.
  • Slaughterfish are now a Swarm, rather than an individual creature
  • Spriggan now have Smarts d8 (was d10), Claws, and Fast Regeneration
  • Storm Atronachs now have Smarts d10 (was d8) and a Shockbolt ability to match the Flame Atronach’s Firebolt ability.
  • The Ebony Mail now only prevents three of the most common offensive powers from working, rather than all powers from the Destruction school.
  • Wabbajack transformations now only last for 1d6 hours instead of 1d6 days
  • The Elder Scrolls artifact has been modified due to the addition of the Moth Priest Edge.

Textual Changes

  • Went through every page with a red pen, making hundreds of text revisions and clarifications
  • Moved information about powers from the Fantasy Companion to the newly formed Appendix A

Version 1.1 (31 March 2012)

New Features

  • Created a new “Necromancer” Professional Edge, which provides a cheaper way of summoning Skeletons, allows the use of the zombie power, and allows the creation of Black Soul Gems
  • Created a new “Wizard of War” Professional Edge, which allows an individual to make both a Destruction and Fighting attack in the same round and apply a –2 penalty to just one of them
  • Added the jump power originally printed as the leap power in SharkBytes Vol. 1, Issue 3, pg. 36

Gameplay Changes

  • The Alteration, Destruction, and Restoration skills are linked with Spirit, rather than Smarts
  • In order to better replicate the games, additional Powers are now purchased with money, rather than learned as part of the New Power Edge.
  • Altmer take a –2 Toughness versus Fire, Cold, and Electric attacks
  • Khajiit now have a d6 Stealth at character creation
  • The Steed birthsign now grants a bonus when running
  • Scrolls with ranged spells target with a Smarts roll, rather than a Shooting roll
  • The zombie power is now limited to those who have the Necromancer Professional Edge
  • Slightly improved the Scamp’s Pace and bite/claw attack and fixed an error in calculating its Toughness
  • The Mace of Molag Bal now actually has its damage listed (Str+d8+2)
  • A duplicate entry for Volendrug (with different statistics!) has been removed

Textual Changes

  • Clarified text of Dunmer’s “Grim Demeanor” racial feature to make it clearer that the Mean hindrance does not apply to other Dunmer
  • Made the Khajiit climbing bonus listed separately from the Natural Claws racial feature.
  • Clarified the Redguard Adrenaline Rush text to make it more obvious that Mighty Blow and other Wild Card Edges cannot be used
  • Clarified the text of The Warrior birthsign to indicate that it can’t be used to boost damage
  • Made it clearer that most, but not all, attack powers bottled in a potion will require a Throwing roll to activate
  • Added a missing “not” to the Enchantment text
  • Added mark to note that Bless/Curse is found in the Fantasy Companion
  • Gave the falling rate in game inches for the Slowfall power
  • Clarified text of Azura’s Star to make it clear that a creature must have the soul trap spell active upon it for it to be trapped

Version 1.0 (5 March 2012)

  • Initial Release

The Quick and Easy Character Background


Characters aren’t just people who suddenly poofed into existence at the start of the campaign. They have a past, secrets, and dreams. A good GM will try to incorporate these aspects of a character into the campaign, usually by asking for the players to write up a character backstory which they will use to develop character-specific plot hooks. Sometimes that doesn’t work so well though. Either a player doesn’t know what to write about or the player writes a short novella about the character’s past which, while interesting, doesn’t always provide the GM with useful information to create plot hooks for the character’s future in the campaign.

So I’ve developed “The Quick and Easy Character Background,” a system-neutral, double-sided paper with five steps to help a player create a character backstory that makes it easy to create good adventure hooks that the GM can use. You can download the complete PDF here. The questions are simple and ask about:

  • The character’s background and concept
  • A goal the character has and the goal the player has for the character
  • Two secrets about the character: one the character knows and one that involves the character, but they do not know (and there’s a note that the GM may be creating a third secret that neither the player nor the character know)
  • Three people tied to the character, two friendly, one unfriendly, and an optional nemesis
  • Three memories that the character has in order to provide some context and flavor

I’ve had my players use this for several campaigns, especially Savage Worlds and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and I’ve had good results with it. For instance, I once ran an Indiana-Jones style pulp campaign and one of the players had written that they had a mother was traveling the world. So I had a session where his mother guest starred as a companion character. Momma Laros didn’t have any combat skills, but she could taunt and intimidate like only an old lady can and she instantly became a hit among the players.

The “secrets” section is especially fun for the GM. In a Star Wars game I ran, a player wrote that his character’s secret was that his character was a Jedi. He also wrote that the character didn’t know that his father, who was a Jedi too, was killed by Darth Vader. So the secret that I created that neither the character nor the player knew was that Darth Vader had recruited his father as a potential apprentice. The player’s reaction when it was revealed was priceless!

This handout is useful for any setting, but sometimes you need one that is more focused. Last spring I ran Daring Entertainment’s War of the Dead, a zombie apocalypse campaign, and created a simplified version for that campaign, which you can download here. This one removes the “secrets” section because there wasn’t much opportunity to explore them in the premade campaign, and I asked questions that were more specific to a zombie apocalypse, like who your character would miss.

I’d like to give credit where it’s due and say that this handout was based off of questions created by D&D forums user “The_Stray” in this topic, which in turn was adapted from the Minimus RPG. To keep the sharing going, I’m releasing both documents under the Creative Commons Share-Alike License 3.0, which allows you to freely distribute and adapt them, so long as you make it clear that any revision is based on my work and those who came before it.

I hope you all find this useful. Please let me know well it works for you and your campaigns!

Here are the file links again:

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