JourneymanGM Creations

This is a page with all of the things I have created. Unless otherwise specified, all items were created under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.

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Savage Worlds

The Elder Scrolls Conversion

  • All ten races
  • All thirteen birthsigns
  • A revised magic system that replicates the feel of magic in the video games
  • At least one Racial Edge for each race (including one that allows Nords to do dragon shouts)
  • Sinning tables for all of the Nine Divines
  • Rules for having gear made of a variety of materials
  • Several new Professional Edges
  • A bestiary with everything from Mudcrabs to Dremora Lords
  • Over thirty artifacts
  • Vampirism and lycanthropy

Stargate Conversion

  • Made for Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe
  • Three new playable races: Jaffa, To’kra, and Wraith
  • Additional benefits for humans from different worlds
  • Simple rules for dealing with alien technology
  • Four new Edges adding abilities found in the show
  • Complete gear listings for the Tau’ri, Jaffa, Go’auld, Ori, and Wraith

Legend of the Seeker/The Sword of Truth Conversion (Coming Soon!)

  • Made for both the Legend of the Seeker TV series and The Sword of Truth novels
  • Notes delineating which aspects and mechanics are unique to the TV series and which are unique to Terry Goodkind’s books, allowing you to easily change the gameplay
  • A revised magic system that better emulates the magic found in the show and the books
  • Mechanics for playing Confessors, Wizards, Mord’Sith, and the Seeker
  • The Sword of Truth and other relics
  • Stats for many of the enemies, including Da’haran soldiers, gars, mriswith, and everything in between
  • Character sheets for the main characters in the series, both in their show and in their novel forms

Basic Combat Sheet

  • A simple summary of the most common combat options and modifiers in Savage Worlds.
  • Great for convention games!

General Roleplaying Game Items

The Quick and Easy Character Background

  • Five questions to help the players create backstories that provide great plot hooks for the GM