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Cold Steel Wardens: Roleplaying in the Iron Age of Comics


I’m a fan of systems that set out to use their game mechanics to help evoke the feel of their setting. Heck, I even wrote a blog post about it. The whole gameplay becomes much more immersive when the die rolling works in such a way that it helps put you into the mindset of the themes and aspects of the setting.

Andy over at Scrolls of the Platinum Warlock (whom I recently interviewed in this blog post) is a big fan of the Iron Age of superheroes, but was a bit frustrated that existing superhero games didn’t do justice to the more serious themes presented (not to mention having more “street level” heroes). So he wrote his own game called Cold Steel Wardens. Here’s what he’s got to say about it:

Cold Steel Wardens emulates the Iron Age of Comics:  an era of comic book writing from roughly 1979-1996 made famous by works such as Alan Moore’s Watchmen, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Dennis O’Neil’s seminal run on The Question, and countless other masterworks.  In Cold Steel Wardens, heroes not only have to contend with the scum of the streets, but also the intense moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding vigilantism, personal rights, and justice.

What sets Cold Steel Wardens apart is its focus. Cold Steel Wardens is built around slow-burning investigations, brutal combat, and difficult moral quandaries.  It’s a game meant to challenge players just as much as their characters.”

This is Andy’s first solo foray into designing a full roleplaying game, but he’s worked as a freelance designer and editor for Cubicle 7 Entertainment, GameWick Games, and Gun Metal Games in the past. He’s now formed his own company, Blackfall Press, in order to market his own creations.

Andy’s already written the entire text of Cold Steel Wardens and is now running a Kickstarter drive to raise money for a print run. Best part is, all backers get the entire text immediately at the end of the Kickstarter and get to weigh in their suggestions before the final version goes to the printers for a Summer 2013 release in both PDF and print.

Yes, I know Andy personally and I’m definitely biased when I say you should back his Kickstarter drive. But if you have any interest in the Iron Age of Comics, or gaming with the sort of themes you’ve seen in recent movies like The Dark Knight trilogy, you should definitely back the project. And again, you’ll get the full text of a completed roleplaying game as soon as the Kickstarter is over, so you can play right away and provide feedback so that the final version is exactly what you want!

Check out the Cold Steel Wardens Kickstarter for more info and to back this great product!

Wild Card Creator on Kickstarter!


Hey everybody! My surgery went just fine and I’ve been a very busy over the last few weeks. For starters, I’ve created the company Journeyman Games. More importantly, I’ve started a Kickstarter for Wild Card Creator!

Wild Card Creator is a computer program that helps gamers quickly and easily design characters for the Savage Worlds tabletop roleplaying game. The program enables you to generate, save, and print characters in both stat block and character sheet formats, enabling you to access them whenever you need, in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand!

Because Wild Card Creator comes pre-loaded with the full text of Savage Worlds Deluxe, you can start making characters right away. But what if you want to make characters for a supplementary setting like Deadlands, Agents of Oblivion, Hellfrost, or any of several dozen other settings? Other character creators would make you type it all in yourself or force you to pony up $5-$10 for the same content you already own. Not Wild Card Creator.

If you own any published Savage Worlds PDFs, Wild Card Creator will be able to import any new Races, Edges, Hindrances, Gear, and other character options without you paying anything more! If you’ve got the PDF, you’ve got the content. Pinnacle Entertainment Group and 14 other companies have already given permission to allow Wild Card Creator to work seamlessly with their full range of PDFs, so your favorite settings are sure to be supported.

Wild Card Creator will be available for Mac, Windows, and Linux and has an estimated release date of November 2012.

Back it on Kickstarter!

If you’ve got any questions, let me know!

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